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November 2019

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D3 Air & Space Operations, Inc RED FLAG – RESCUE Site Lead, Cedric Stark, visited  AFRL to learn more about LVC Capabilities and the application to RED FLAG – RESCUE.  ​ “This is a game changer, a force multiplier for us, as it increases our ability to integrate distributed joint airpower and enhance our ability to train contested Combat Search and Rescue missions.” 

More info is available at:

Red Flag Rescue

October 2019

The D3 U-2 Asset Management Program Team is honored to receive the 2019 Logistics Officer Association Trailblazer Award (Small Business Team).  The purpose of the Trailblazer Award is to bring recognition for innovative ideas and solutions for the Air Force Logistics and Acquisition enterprise.  The 2019 Logistics Officer Association Trailblazer Award was presented in Honor of Maj Gen Marcelite Harris at the 2019 Logistics Officer Association Symposium.

2019 Logistics Award

February 2020

Sean Doughty will be attending the AFA Air Warfare Symposium February 26-28 in Orlando, FL.  “AFA's Air Warfare Symposium is a premier event for the aerospace and defense industry geared toward the professional development of Air Force officers, enlisted members, civilians, retirees, and veterans. The symposium harnesses the Air Force's innovative spirit through sessions focused on innovation and exhibits that highlight the next generation of air, space, and cyber power.”  This years theme of “Multi-Domain Operations: From Vision to Reality” are at the heart of todays Air Force and the mission of D3 Air & Space Operations.


More info is available at:

Air Warfare Symposium

Contract Announcements

Angel Thunder Exercise - Sep 2017

D3ASO is pleased to announce the award of Task Order S413 Angel Thunder Exercise Support.

D3ASO provides services to Detachment One, 414th Combat Training Squadron in support of ACC exercise ANGEL THUNDER and other Personnel Recovery training events for the five stages of an exercise: design, planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation services. Det 1, 414 CTS is responsible for all five exercise stages to run the Department of Defense’s only Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) accredited and certified exercise focused solely on the PR mission.  D3ASO provides the functional support required to fulfill this task order. The Detachment One contract Professional Control Force (PCF) serve as the Executive Agent for the ANGEL THUNDER Program and is the primary entity to plan and execute the Angel Thunder exercise, as well as all aspects of JNTC Accreditation and Certification and technical compliance of relevant Universal Joint Tasks.

EPS Corporation - GCCS NETCENTS - Aug 2019


NETCENTS2 Global Command and Control (GCCS) and Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) / Air & Space Expeditionary Force Reporting Toll (ART) Operational and Technical Support Services Award.


D3ASO provide specialized contracted GCCS and DRRS/ART operational and technical support services for Air Combat Command (ACC) Directorate of Operations (A3), Operations Division (A3O) and Directorate of Communication (A6), Combat Support Squadron (CSS) in support of ACC’s C2 activities.

Florida Department of Management Services - Mar 2017

D3ASO is pleased to announce the award of Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services State Term Contract No. 80101507-SA-15-1 with the Florida Department of Management Services.

D3ASO provides information technology staff augmentation services to the State of Florida. We possess the professional and technical staff necessary to perform the information technology staff augmentation services required by this contract and the staff shall have sufficient skill and experience to perform the services assigned to them.

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